Falling in all

    Last night I dreamt that you hugged me

    I still felt your warmth when I awoke


    I don’t know what I did to alienate you


    Some people carry grudges to their graves

    separating the good people from the bad

    Some hatreds span generations

    blood spilling beyond one heart


    Maybe when we die we aren’t segregated into heaven and hell

    but instead are reunited

    Old wrongs are forgiven


    And on that boundless plain of oneness

    above all the petty grievances of our momentary lives

    we gaze with love into each other’s eyes and wonder

    Why were we so angry?



    5 thoughts on “Falling in all”

    1. OMG Sean — That is so insightful and universal! Thank you — for the illustration, too.
      Just “thank you”. Joan

    2. Sweet tender verse. When I’m done weeping I’ll leave another comment. We’re all just walking one another home.

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