Newer Writing

Don’t Let Youth Be Wasted on the Old

    Originally written for the Wandering Wakefield blog, this is a dive into my very different life of 15 years ago.

    “So having now realized that I’m probably not going to be able to do more than help save the world just a little bit, I am much more willing to accept that life is largely about the other side of the equation: savouring the world. And here I can relearn from my early-thirties self: work less, take long walks with friends more. Turn off your phone and go outside. If we just followed that simple advice, a whole lot of psychologists would need to find other work.”

    Throwing Our Weight Around on Planet Earth

    Published for Earth Day in the April 20, 2022 edition of the Low Down to Hull and Back News.

    “If you put us on a giant scale – all 7.9 billion of us – we would still only add up to 0.01 percent of the weight of everything alive.”

    Vaccine Heresy

    A look at the trucker protest, vaccine hesitancy, and the majority’s reaction against it.

    “For most of our society, science is our only religion, and vaccination is its holy rite. We bare our arms and offer ourselves to science, taking its creation into our very blood in a way few other technologies penetrate. Thus we prove our faith. Those who refuse this rite are treated like heretics. How could they possibly refuse something so mundane as a needle, and yet so beneficial to society as a vaccine?”

    Housing is an investment – but not in the way you think. It’s an investment in community.

    If I were in my 20’s today, would I be able to move to Wakefield, like I did 20 years ago?

    “When our neighbours struggle with something as basic as shelter, they struggle on every level: their health suffers, their kids’ schooling deteriorates, their ability to work and contribute to the community is compromised, and it is a loss for the community as a whole. Diversity is lost, and the flame that made Wakefield special slowly dies out.”

    World War Covid

    “Two years into this pandemic, and one year into our full-frontal vaccine assault against it, our War on Covid is starting to look about as successful as previous Wars on Drugs or Terror. The winter of 2022 is feeling eerily similar to the winter of 2021. Why?”

    The Fix is In: Restoring Faith in Democracy

    What if random lotteries put people into government rather than elections? And what if they actually discussed issues instead of debating them? Welcome to deliberative democracy.

    “We strongly believe that being judged by our peers is the fairest path to justice. If we trust a random assembly of people in a court of law to make decisions on the most serious of criminal cases, why not in government?”

    Paradise on Earth Platform: Protecting Half the Planet

    How much land and sea is currently set aside for nature? How much do we need to set aside? And what does it mean even to “set aside”?

    “It wasn’t that long ago that humans looked out over the vast sweep of nature and felt small in comparison. But a century or two of exponential growth in both population and living standards have quickly left that perspective in the rearview mirror. In the blink of a human lifetime, our population has tripled and our economy has grown by 60 times.”

    Paradise on Earth Platform: Basic Income

    What to do when individuals need an income to live, but society doesn’t need their work? Basic income.

    “What would you do if your basic financial needs were covered? Write poetry? Learn to surf? Volunteer for a worthy cause? Devote yourself fully to raising your children? Take a lower paid job doing work you prefer? Keep working to increase your material wealth? Imagine 7.5 billion humans doing what they are truly called to do, rather than what they are forced, and the explosion of creativity and passion that would unleash. It would mark one of the great revolutions in human history.”